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Startupkin is a platform designed to connect startup founders and enthusiasts looking for startup adventures


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Connecting ideas and enthusiasts opens up many options for everyone looking for an adventure

Startup Founders

Startup founders are creative individuals looking for enthusiasts willing to implement their idea

Startup enthusiasts

Startup enthusiasts ready to work on developing a startup founder idea

Corporate Startup

For companies that nurture the creativity of their employees

Startup Investors

For businesses and individuals interested in investing in startups


How it works?

Fast. Simple. Automated.

We have conjoined knowledge and longtime experience in software development with fast, modern business models and focused on automation of all processes that go into a startup built.

Founder - guy with the idea

Developing Your idea and founding a startup can be a huge undertaking! We are here to connect You with the right people and to ease the process through automation and delegation of tasks.

Founding a company is a massive undertaking but automation and delegation of tasks can help pave the way to project realization.

Creating a project makes it visible to everyone else with an account.

Full description of the project is available exclusively to the team members, while others can only see a short description.

Short description is there to instill curiosity and attract motivated individuals in the early stage.

Create Your own team by balancing between motivated enthusiasts and experts in relevant areas. For an ideal team You need both groups.

Not sure regarding motivation of potential members? -We have prepared for You a test of motivation that can help in the process of selection.

Break down Yourvision into micro cgoals which need to be realized, delegate tasks and enable Your team to push forward together and generate progress.

Organize and track progress by creating internal board, write down goals (tasks, assignments), delegate and track status on the realization. A project can have more than one board, so You can divide missions using specialized teams that are part of the project (development, marketing, management and others).

startupkin - how it works

Enthusiast - knows how the startup works

Currently with no idea for a startup, but with extreme motivation and willingness to invest time in an idea You deem has potential.

Adjust the search to Your interests and find a project that will take over the world.

We all have different affinities, we are motivated by a different sector of industry, we are familiar with different technology, sometimes we can invest our time, and sometimes income also plays a role.

When You find a project that is of interest to You, that You regard has a potential or You just find its technology intriguing and You want to perfect in it, apply!

Applying is ultimately simplified and all You need to do is write down Your motivation on why You want to become a part of the team, what inspires You about it, and You can add qualifications which will make You distinct from others.

If You are able to afford the luxury of investing free time in a development of some perspective idea, Your ideal position is that of a co-founder.

Of course, that brings a lot more responsibility with it, but if the project becomes profitable, receives investment or sells, given effort will pay off multiple times over, even with a small percentage of ownership.

startupkin - how it works

Company startup - support employees in creativity development

Everybody has had enough with benefits that 80% of people never use. Through company startup we will create a positive environment for development of technical and creative skills of the employed.

Group of individuals are connected by company network which stimulates growth of creativity and team spirit. Through non-mandatory activity find out the full potential and estimate the reach, affinities and ambitions of Your employees.

How much time is wasted while waiting on some decision by our client, implementation of API endpoint or DevOps to provide a test environment, let's use it in a smarter way!

By setting high standards and goals which need to be implemented into an idea, employees will get a chance to perfect their skills and stimulate growth of team spirit.

Goals are technologies or abilities through which we plan development and education of our employees, and they are also set in cooperation with team leaders and coordinators.

In order to maintain a high level of motivation there is a system of assessing the realization of collages goals, whereby the rang list is created and acknowledgement is rewarded.

Company is also provided the statistical data on the level of engagement for all members of the team allowing it to recognize where the driving force of the team lays.

Investor - knows how to recognize a good business opportunity

Broad knowledge and an intuitive recognition of the potential a project wields and the team working on it are the decorations of this businessman. They know the challenges that team is facing, scouting for opportunity and bringing experience in early stages of project development.

For investors we have prepared a special search, different from the rest on the platform, because it allows for filtering using data not available to other users.

You will be able to find and sort projects by the number of members in the group, their degree of activity, number of exchanged conversations as well as the number of formed and realized goals and other relevant information.

Detailed statistics are available to You for every project, which shows not only numerical, but also graphical indicators of project development throughout its history, from its infancy to this day.

At its base money is not that much of a burdening factor for project development, but it is important in its proper scaling.

If the investment proposal does not contain additional elements regarding strategic partnership and mentor-ship it usually becomes characterized as a failure, so founders rather choose an investor that wants to contribute to the growth of an idea through consultation.

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